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A world of talent

Each professional in our Crowd is handpicked and manually evaluated before accessing any projects. We collaborate with top talent from over 150 cities across 14 timezones.
5Crowd's access to thousands of professionals means we’re always ready to deliver. And minimal overhead means we can do it for less. Our freelance professionals are pretty amazing. 

Powered by technology

Our platform connects directly to the right professional at the right time based on the brief to enable efficient production.


We've built intelligent workflow automations that further streamline the production process, enabling us to manage a high volume of projects with a lean team.

All in one relationship

With one dedicated relationship, we bring continuity to each project. Your 5Crowd Client Lead gets to know your brand, your challenges, and your opportunities to keep all projects on track.

"5Crowd is just like any other business partner. You can call, email, or grab a coffee with us anytime. We're there every step of the way to get your project done."

Katherine Carl-Musson
Director of Client Services, 5Crowd


5Crowd is the leader in on-demand production

These days, Marketers need to produce more content, more often, for more channels. At 5Crowd, we curate and manage a Crowd of freelance professionals to produce content in an economical way. Our uniquely flexible production model is trusted by enterprise clients. So whether you need an animated video, social posts, or something else, we’ve got your back.

The future of production is on-demand

“It is certain that if you were starting the business today, no one would ever come up with the model we have now.”

Keith Reinhard

Chairman, DDB Worldwide


“The industry is facing its Kodak moment. The challenge for the advertising industry is to work out how you reinvent yourself.”

David Jones

Former CEO, Havas Worldwide

“If I were starting an agency today, it would be like a club. We’d have a core group of 20 and then 100-200 freelancers.”

Sir John Hegarty

Founder, BBH


Reinventing The Agency Production Model

Consumer media habits have changed a lot over the past 50 years and Marketers are under pressure to create more content than ever before to keep up. In this eBook, we explore why the ad agency model has struggled to innovate and how technology is enabling a more flexible production model.


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