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Spend time doing what you love and less time hunting for work.

Whether you're in Cartegena, Cape Town, Colombo or Canberra, our ability to work and collaborate remotely has never been greater. We're looking for passionate and talented freelance professionals from around the globe.

Our freelancer value proposition


Full service account +
project management

Spend less time selling and dealing with clients – our client services team will streamline the briefing and admin process so you can focus on execution.


Big brand projects

We bring varied, new and meaningful business from a variety
of different Fortune 500 clients and industries.



Work from wherever, whenever as long as you have
an internet connection.


Prompt, fair payment

No platform fees and net 30 payment terms with the
option for accelerated payment.

Getting started with 5Crowd is easy


If you're interested in working with us, the first step is to introduce yourself and also get to know a bit more about how we operate through our online registration and onboarding process. This is an opportunity to provide us with your details and showcase your skills and experience, so be sure to include any relevant information (including a portfolio of your best work, if applicable) just like you would if you were applying to a regular job! You'll also be required to review some legal paperwork such as our Freelancer Code of Conduct and Independent Contractor Agreement - the whole process shouldn't take any more than 30 minutes to complete.


We review all applications carefully to evaluate whether or not there is a good fit based on the clients we work with and the projects we take on. We strive to create a positive experience for all of our freelancers by matching them with rewarding project opportunities and maintaining a relationship that is both engaging and fulfilling. Generally, we chose to work with freelance professionals based on their skills and experience, reliability, availability and quality of work. If your application is approved at this stage, you will receive an email from a member of our team inviting you to complete a pilot project.


A Pilot Project is the last step in the 5Crowd application process - a mock project based on your skillset that will take place over the course of a week. This is an opportunity for you to get to know how we work and vice-versa. In recognition of your time for this pilot project, we'll pay you a fixed stipend amount. We understand that this stipend amount may not be a reflection of your typical market rate. On a regular projects, you'll always be able to propose your own rates based on the information we provide.


Based on how the pilot goes, we'll determine if there's a good fit for you in our crowd. If so, you'll start receiving project opportunities from us as soon as there's a match! You will also be sent email notifications when there's a new project that we think that you would be a good fit for, and you can submit a proposal if you are interested and able to take the project on in a given timeline. When you are awarded a project a 5Crowd Account / Project Manger will work with you from the kickoff to final delivery to ensure a smooth process from both sides.


We offer fast and easy online payment through PayPal and ensure our freelancers are paid within 30 days of invoicing, eliminating the need to chase down outstanding invoices or wait for a paper cheque to arrive in the mail. We also give you the option to accelerate payment, so you can elect to receive your money faster by providing a small discount on the invoice. There are no fees to use the 5Crowd platform, so the price you quote is the price you're paid.

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