How We Work

When you know exactly what you need created, 5Crowd is the right partner.

You share the vision. We execute.


We’re agency people

We recognize that for the smaller deliverables at scale – there needs to be a better solution – because it’s becoming a longer and longer list of requirements in order to break through to consumers.


We get to know our clients

We know their business and creative campaign guidelines. And we offer support on how to efficiently spend a budget given the ask at hand.


We are the entrypoint to the Crowd

We’re offering one layer of brief and creative review to ensure that the campign still feels like one holistic piece.


Technology powers 5Crowd

We use a proprietary platform to manage everything from project briefs, freelancers to payment and invoicing. It’s built and maintained in house meaning we can implement changes that benefit our team and our clients quickly and effectively. Here’s 3 built in highlights that help us run every project efficiently.


Automation is King

By building intelligent workflow automatons into our platform, we are able to streamline the production process, we are able to manage a high volume of projects with a lean team.


The Right Freelancer for the Right Job

To run a two-sided marketplace, we’ve established a resource engine that matches professional freelancers with projects backed by a deep pipeline of talent on a waiting list.


Engagement = Success

We’ve developed a propriety algorithm that scores freelancers engagement level based on their interactions with us. This lets us reward our most devoted freelancers, readily address any concerns and ensure we always have a active and curated Crowd ready to work at a moments notice.