Skill Sets in Demand

Spend more time doing what you love and less time hunting for work. We're looking for passionate and talented freelance professionals from around the globe in these specific skill sets.


We’re looking for copywriting chameleons who can adapt and work in a multitude of different brand voices for our wide array of great clients. If you have experience with marketing and advertising copy, lets chat!

French Translator

Our billingual work often needs translations from English to French. We need translators that can create new copy that is not just a direct translation – it needs to share the sprit and style of the English copy.

Graphic Designer

If you live and breathe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign, we want to speak to you. We’re always on the hunt for talented and experienced designers.

HTML5 Banner Developer

We’re looking for HTML5 banner experts who can approach complex banners not just as a developer, but with an eye for great design too!

Motion Graphics Artist / Animator

Explainer videos, sizzle videos, social videos, cutdowns, and more! We are always looking for talented animators and motion graphics artists to help bring our clients’ ideas and vision to life.

Product Photographer

We’re looking for really talented product photographs who are not shy about creating eye-catching photographs, with engaging composition, for a wide array of products in-studio or in lifestyle situations.

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