What is on-demand marketing production?

On-demand marketing production is a demand-driven methodology which cuts waste by supplying production resources only when they are required. It relies on having a flexible workforce, workflow automation, and continuous improvement to drive efficiencies.


The methodology represents a shift away from the older "just in case" strategy where large ad agencies maintained big production studios in case higher demand had to be met. One major advantage of this shift is that funds that were tied up in labour costs and overhead can be used elsewhere.


At 5Crowd, those savings go back to our clients.

Flexible Workforce

Sourcing Professionals

We've developed proprietary processes for the recruitment, vetting and nurturing of freelance professionals, and we continually invest in capabilities that allow us to build the best network in the world.

Enterprise Compliance
Our end-to-end solution ensures that our clients' sensitive information remains safe and secure. This includes strict controls on confidentiality and information security, implemented with a comprehensive freelancer onboarding process and continual monitoring protocols.
Crowd Curation
With good curation, freelancers who deliver great work are rewarded with even more work. Our system aggregates and organizes all types of data to recommend the best matched freelancers with projects based on expertise, experience, and cost.

Workflow Automation

Production Platform
By building intelligent workflow automations into our platform, we're able to streamline the production process, enabling us to manage a high volume of projects with a lean team.
Payment Portal
Our robust payments system allows freelance professionals to choose from a wide range of payment methods, currencies, and terms. It’ll even generate calendar events, so freelancers know exactly when they’ll get paid. We guarantee no late payments and no unpaid freelancers.
Pacing Supply & Demand
To run a two-sided marketplace, we’ve established a resourcing engine that matches professional freelancers with projects backed by a deep pipeline of talent on a waiting list.

Continuous Improvement

Engagement Algorithm
We’ve developed a proprietary algorithm that scores freelancers’ engagement level based on their interactions with us. This lets us reward our most devoted freelancers, readily address any concerns, and ensure we always have an active and curated Crowd ready to work at a moment's notice.
Systems Architecture
Our customized data architecture layers information from multiple sources into a centralized database that allows us to manage our data at scale and access real-time actionable KPI's.
Our rewards platform provides exciting perks to our Crowd of freelancers. It keeps them motivated and excited to work with us and incentivizes the best results for our clients’ projects.
Celebrating Failure
An important part of continuous improvement is managing failure. At 5Crowd, we host monthly “Failure Parties” to share the mistakes we’ve made and the lessons learned.
Full Digital Audit Trail
5Crowd runs completely paperless. This not only reduces our environmental impact, it also reduces clerical errors, improves speed of execution, and lets us track everything so that we can dig into the data and find ways to improve.

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