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Episode 7: Julie

Julie's love for reading and language fuel her passion for translation. Montreal is the perfect backdrop for her life as a freelance translator. The culture is a mixture of old and new, English and French, North America and Europe; and she is immersed in it every day.



Episode 6: Aruna

Aruna worked in top management consultancies like Capgemini, Deloitte, and Accenture and has brought that experience to her freelance business. She loves that she can make the connection and collaborate with people around the world, all from her laptop.



Episode 5: Meagan

Meagan is a Dallas-based Graphic Designer with 8+ years experience in everything from corporate branding to in-store displays to digital design. She loves trying new design techniques and is always looking for a new challenge.



Episode 4: Andrew

After a foray into the world of global advertising and public relations, Andrew began freelancing full-time and never looked back. Today, he writes mostly from a rustic dining room table illuminated by natural light, a nearby café with a tasty supply of pastries, and a small alcove in his bedroom.



Episode 3: Veronique

With a degree from Baylor University, a decade of agency experience, and an impressive portfolio of big brand work, Veronique has had a distinguished corporate career in graphic design. But the desire to be home more and the allure of the freelance lifestyle brought her to Pensacola from Dallas last year. Freelance gives her the flexibility to pack-up her son’s Ninja Turtles backpack in the morning, jump on a few client calls in the afternoon, and then contribute new designs to the Dribbble community in the evening.



Episode 2: Marko

Marko graduated from high school three years ago and has since turned his design hobby into a freelance career online. He loves the flexibility of freelance because he’s able to work when he’s inspired and take breaks when he’s not.



Episode 1: Josh

After graduating from a top film school in New York, Josh jumped right into freelance. He edits 100% on his instinct and intuition, grounded in extensive experience directing, producing and editing all types of genres. Freelance allows Josh to pursue other interests as well, including writing and directing his own narrative short films, watching and playing baseball, and going on the occasional European adventure.



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